Best Essential Nutrients Elements to Help you Build Muscle

Sure working out six days a week at the gym is great and all, but what if you hit a plateau? Ignoring Essential Nutrients may be your body’s way of telling you, you need to refuel.

If learning is half the battle, than a solid diet plan plus a great workout regime is the other half. Peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, yin and yang, nutrition and exercise are essential to one another.

To build muscle for CrossFit, you need to keep in mind the importance of Essential Nutrients. These nutrients and vitamins will build muscle and keep your body on the right path to greatness.

1. Minerals

Primary and trace are the two types of minerals you need, both are important if you want to be fit. 


One of life’s major minerals is calcium, which is vital to bone health, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. All of these key nutrients promote healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Trace minerals include selenium, iron, zinc, copper, chromium, and iodine. Boosting blood strength and improving immunity are key helpers when it comes to trace minerals. 

Fruits, veggies, and leafy greens are all healthy ways to your minerals. Grains, beans, and other legumes are also a helpful way to supplement your mineral consumption

Vitamin D

To surprise of many a big supporter of vitamin D is getting it from the Sun’s ray. So getting outdoors is a good start to improving your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D helps muscle development and is important for your immune system, bone development, and reduces inflammation after workouts. 

2. Water

So simple but often overlooked, to build muscle you have to drink water and stay hydrated. In other words, stay drinking water even when you think you don’t have to. In addition, if you are already feeling thirsty that’s your body’s way of telling you that you should have been drinking more water.

Stay ahead of the game by drinking water before you’re thirsty. Drinking lots of water promotes detoxification, promoting optimal digestion, and nutrient transport in your body.

Not a fan of plain old water? Drop a lemon or orange slice into your bottle and enjoy the vitamin C boost as well.  

3. Fats

Don’t scared off by the water “fat” or “fats”. Good fats are essential to any diet and exercise plan. Unsaturated, both mono and poly, fats are the type of healthy fats you want to be eating. 

Unsaturated fats can kick start new cell growth and fast track building muscles. Healthy fats increase energy and cognitive performance. 

A wider variety of nuts are a primary source of unsaturated fats. Your friendly avocado is also a power packed foods that can help with healthy fats consumption. 


Carbs are not your enemy. The simple Carbohydrate is crucial to refueling your body with vital energies. If you don’t have the energy to perform at the gym, everything else takes a hit as well. 

Similarly, simple carbs are also to digest. In other words, get your carbs from wholegrain foods and vegetables. For instance, if you’re looking to add variety to your diet turn to oatmeal and quinoa as more good carb sources. 

4. Protein

Everyone’s favorite topic in the workout room; protein intake. All Protein comes from a wide variety of sources and is very key to getting your essential nutrients. Protein is a huge part of muscle recovery. 

The building blocks for lean mass and cell growth mostly come from your proteins. 

Protein comes in a wider variety of forms. Leafy greens, cous cous, oats, fruits, nuts, are big part of any high protein diet. If you’re looking for new or alternative forms of protein to add into your diet, the list below is a good start. 


Also known as wheat meat, seitan is known for it’s meat like texture. Adding seitan to a meal adds 25 grams of protein per 3.5 ounces (100 grams). Seitan also has iron, calcium and phosphorus in it. 


In addition, tempah is a great source of protein. Coming from beans, tempah also provides key amino acids for your body. 


In conclusion, Edamame also comes from beans and are great in salads for a protein boost

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