The Week’s Best Fitness Hits and Misses on Instagram

Every week, notable pro athletes, celebrities, and bodybuilding personalities share highlights of their training on Instagram. Thanks to their efforts, fans watch, like, comment, and share their opinions before using the posts as motivational fuel for their own workouts to come.

The past seven days have been no different. Here are some of the big lifts from some of the big names that we all admire for their muscular and fitness prowess. If you want to join in on the IG training fun, tag us @muscleandfitness so we can see what moves you’re making in the gym.

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Shaun Clarida Extends His Set in a Different Way

212 Olympia champ Shaun Clarida is a strong man. You know you’ve reached a pinnacle of power when you need sleeve extenders to add plates to a machine. Here he is taking 16 plates for a ride on the hack squat as a part of his leg day.

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Triceps by Titan

Former M&F cover model Mike O’Hearn is always willing to embark wisdom for his followers. Here he is showing his twist on lying triceps extensions. You can try this, but don’t do it with 70s like O’Hearn is. You probably can’t do that.

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Janet Layug Takes Shoulder Training on the Road

Reigning Ms. Bikini Olympia Janet Layug can make the most out of any workout regardless of her surroundings. Layug featured a full shoulder workout that she did in a hotel gym for her 500,000 plus followers. The champ clearly is staying ready so she can defend her title this October.

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Bobby Lashley Putting in Work

New WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is on the road to WrestleMania, and he’s clearly leaving no stone unturned. Check out a portion of his training session featuring jumping rope, kettlebell squats into shoulder presses, wall sits, and work on the fan bike. The “All Mighty” has always been in great shape, and appears to just be getting started.

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Lindsey Vonn’s Challenging Workout

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn is an incredible athlete, but on this day she showed that she is human. While working with trainer Gunnar Peterson, Vonn couldn’t seem to stay consistent with this slam ball workout. As she said in her post, “There’s a reason I was never good at ball sports.”

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Dan Bell Scares Plates Away

Dan Bell is the first powerlifter to total 2,600 pounds in competition raw with knee wraps. He has deadlifted over 900 pounds before. So it makes sense that as he was about to pull this rep in the gym, a plate or two decided to bail on him. This could’ve been worse, but fortunately he’s OK, and will likely pull even more next time.

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