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    I have been off for a while and am just starting back in the gym.  I hit a nice couple of weeks doing high rep work now ready for some strength movements. The holidays are coming and i think this is the ideal time to do this.\

    I have this modest 3 month short term goal:

    225 lbs bench
    315 lbs dead lift
    275 lbs squat


    Fantastic goal my friend !.. :good: you should be able to achieve that in a few weeks… especially if you have previous gym experience.  An easy 5 x 5 program should do the trick depending on what your body weight is currently.

    Brand WBrand W

    Been running the program for a couple weeks now

    current lift stats:
    205 lbs bench
    295 lbs dead lift
    245 lbs squat

    I think i will be smashing these totals very soon

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    i was just about to hit a new round of pr numbers when the gyms all shutdown. This blows

    Brand WBrand W

    Gyms opening up this weekend, ill keep in touch with my initial numbers

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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