Top 6 Instagram Gym Hits and Misses

Everyone is looking for motivation before going to train. In most cases, that inspiration can come courtesy of Instagram. Seeing some of the notable people that you follow moving weight or an average Joe doing something crazy could be the mental pre-workout that you need before taking the weights on in your gym. It may even be a champion bodybuilder looking insane while getting a pump.

M&F has found five such moments from the past few days that show people ranging from elite athletes to up-and-coming lifters posting their lifts for public consumption. Just don’t sit on a machine while you’re watching these. Someone may be trying to work in.

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J.J. Watt Front Squatting 3 Plates

Watt is not only a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, but also a well-known gym rat. The then free agent defensive great was showing that he was still committing his time to the iron while deciding where he would play next season. In the caption, he stopped the form police from criticizing his work with 315 pounds before they started. By the way, he just signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

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James Harrison Going Super Heavy on Dips

Even in retirement, the former Steelers great. James Harrison is in his 40’s but still had no trouble knocking out these dips with 180 pounds (4 plates) hanging from a dip belt. Now in his 40s and sporting his Deebo gear, the belt may have been working harder than Harrison on this set.

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Julius Maddox is Back to Benching

Maddox just bench-pressed a world record 782 pounds less than two weeks ago, yet the Kentucky native is right back under the bar. Here he is “only” working with 405 with some gold chains added for increasing resistance as he presses up. He makes it look like a warmup set. He has his sights set on 800 pounds by this summer, so there will likely be more insane lifts to come between now and then!

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Larry Wheels Benches 225 with One Arm

Many lifters remember the first time that they benched 225 pounds. two plates on the bar and it moved without a spot! It is one of the first major memories for iron veterans. For Larry Wheels, such a moment came recently. He managed to move 225 on the flat bench rather easily…with one arm! I guess the gym didn’t have 225-pound dumbbells.

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Myles Garrett’s Box Jump Miss

Everyone loves seeing a good fail as long as it doesn’t lead to anyone getting hurt. Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett of the had the internet buzzing with his 63-inch box jump miss! The box toppled over and he hit the floor. He may not have landed it—yet—but how high can you jump?

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17-Year-Old Dominic Nicholls Deadlifts 600

You may know Chad Nicholls as the coach of the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman as well as the 2020 O winner Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. It turns out he has some strong children too. His 14-year-old, Morgan, is a beast on the bench. Meanwhile, his 17-year-old son Dominic deadlifted 600 pounds in the gym at a body weight of 235 pounds. He didn’t appear to struggle too hard, either.

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