The Week’s Top 5 Instagram Hits and Misses

They say the internet is undefeated. When it comes to training motivation, Instagram is still the reigning and defending champion of the social media world. Nothing goes better with that pre-workout than scrolling for awesome posts. It doesn’t matter what you’re training, or even how you’re working out that day, there is someone posting something that will get you in gear for whatever is on your fitness agenda.

This past week was no different. We found some of the best posts from celebrities, bodybuilding champions, and other inspirational people that will remind you that you need to hit the iron today. We even found one occurrence where the athlete was stronger than the equipment he was using. If you have your own moment in the weight room that you’re proud of, share it and tag @muscleandfitness so we can see it.

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Victor Assaf One-Armed 195 Pound Clean & Jerk

Look no further for motivation because Assaf has all the inspiration handled for this week thanks to his amazing clean and jerk of 195 pounds with only one arm! His profile is flooded with many more posts that verify that no excuse is a good one.

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Steve Cook’s Upper-Body Cardio

Former Muscle and Fitness cover model and “Biggest Loser” trainer Steve Cook offered an upper-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout for his followers to try. Obviously his trademark abs were on point, as always.

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Jon Jones Squats 455 Pounds for Reps

The two-time UFC Light-Heavyweight champion is still focused on being ready for whenever he makes his return to the octagon. He recently shared a clip of his leg day where he takes four and a half plates for a ride on box squats for a set of 5 reps. At this stage of his career, he may be in his best shape ever.

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Dana Linn Bailey’s Tabata Training

The inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia champ is still doing her thing in the gym. Occasionally she shares her workouts for fans who are interested. This Tabata session is five minutes of serious work that you shouldn’t take lightly.

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James Harrison’s 6 Plate Dip Breakdown

Do not try this at home! You may have seen the former Steelers defensive great doing dips with four plates hanging from a belt. He tried to up the ante by doing another set, but with six plates this time, the 270 pounds was just too much for the belt and band to handle, causing it to snap, and causing Harrison to miss a few days of training. No one doubts he would’ve done if it hadn’t been for the equipment fail, hopefully it wasn’t too serious of an injury and we get to see him nail it soon.

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