Fusion Bodybuilding Sub-Q 120 Tablets
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As a hard working bodybuilder, you’ve spent countless hours in the gym, lifting heavy, sweating hard and pursuing excellence to the very last rep of every workout.

Bodybuilders want results – major guns and massive quads – every bodybuilder wants to be a monster but what sets the true professionals apart from the rest is only skin deep – subcutaneous fat. True bodybuilders want to incinerate every last blob of subcutaneous fat and look like a sinewy biology chart – they want to be Beyond Ripped.

SUB•Q is the World’s First Fat-Incinerator that targets and incinerates subcutaneous fat – fast! SUB•Q contains scientifically proven ingredients that are delivered by fast-acting Bullet Caplet™ Technology, so you’ll feel and see powerful and explosive results right away.

With SUB•Q and the Beyond Ripped Manual, you’ll unleash your true physique – defined, cut, striated, sinewy, with biology chart-like vascularity. With SUB•Q you’ll unleash your true potential and take it to the limit like never before. With SUB•Q you’ll Get Beyond Ripped.

SUB•Q is stronger than all the so-called hardcore fat-burners available today and ten times the strength of a regular fat-burner. SUB•Q will give you the powerful and explosive results you need to Get Beyond Ripped.


SUB•Q produces powerful and explosive results – fast!

SUB•Q works because it utilizes scientifically proven ingredients and delivers them via Bullet Caplet Technology.

Bullet Caplet Technology ensures rapid absorption and virtually instant ingredient activation, so you get powerful and explosive results right away!

The ingredients in SUB•Q work in synergy to attack your stubborn subcutaneous fat from every conceivable angle.

Here are the powerful and explosive ingredients in SUB•Q that work together so you Get Beyond Ripped.

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