Healthy Eating During COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s more important than ever right now to make healthy lifestyle choices. The novel Covid-19 health crisis is a situation in which we’ve yet to experience which is why we must be prepared to ensure the safety of ourselves and others around us.

Now, there are many safety precautions we can take which are quite obvious by now (e.g. wearing a mask/gloves, using sanitizer, social distancing). But one in which is easier to neglect is simply eating healthier. It’s tempting to want to eat everything in sight at a time like this but that’s highly advised against.

Eating the right nutrition keeps the immune system functioning optimally. Not to mention, you’ll get much better results from your fitness regime and it’s just a smarter move to make better food choices. Below, we’ve provided an infographic about healthy eating during the Covid-19 pandemic which also has more additional, useful information. 

Healthy Eating During COVID-19 Pandemic

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The infographic provided is a very useful informational tool to reference as you carry out your day-to-day activities. And it’s rather interesting to see all of the changes that are and will be happening during this time and in the near future.

There’s a much larger demand for household essentials, food items, and other products right now. Not to mention, people are stockpiling certain items due to the evident uncertainty. As a result, companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Uber Eats, are adjusting to the Covid pandemic. Plus, more companies are pitching in as well.

Non-profits are also stepping up their efforts by providing meals to those in need right now through many different methods of assistance.

Things have changed quite a bit in the past few months and they’ll probably continue to do so for a while. One big change is the fact that grocery sales have increased dramatically, and therefore, more people are preparing their own foods at home. 

And although restaurants are starting to reopen again, financially, more people may still not be able to eat out as much due to having to budget a little more as a result of their financial situation. Plus, a lot of people will have more peace of mind knowing that no one else is handling their food during this time. 

Refer to the recommendations in the infographic regarding choosing your foods, precautions for grocery shopping and handling, and preparing foods at home.

There are also some very handy tools and resources that you can have at your disposal to find healthy recipes and learn how to substitute certain ingredients as many stores are out of specific food items currently.

And, of course, here at Fitness Volt, we have an abundance of very helpful resources/information to help you get through this time while still keeping fit and healthy. We’ve provided links to useful several calculators and home workout plans/exercises that we know you’ll benefit from a ton.

Now is not the time to abandon your health and fitness regime, but rather, use this situation and information to become an even better version of yourself!

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