Eddie Hall Shares 20 Minute Muscle Building Shoulder Workout

Typically a full-time athlete like Eddie Hall can work out virtually whenever they want. However he was in a rush recently, and decided to share his workout for when he needs to build muscle on his shoulders, in just a little time.

As he prepares for his boxing match with Hafthor Bjornsson, Hall has been doing a ton of crazy things. He has found new and unique ways to push his fitness, all while making sure he takes time out to focus on his technique for inside the ring. Even with the fight still a while away, he has been taking the training seriously, never seeming to miss a session.

However there are some times that Eddie Hall just does not have the usual amount of time to work out. Therefore he has created a solid shoulder workout that he can do, which will allow him to build muscle in a session that lasts only about 15-20 minutes. He was in a hurry recently, so he decided to film himself doing this workout, and share it on YouTube.

“Today I’m going to show you how to get in a shoulder session in about 15-20 minutes. Now for me, it’s my full-time job, but today just on this one instance, I actually have only got just under 20 minutes to get a shoulder session in. So I’m going to fire through my shoulder session really, really quick in order to keep up my strength and keep pushing forward to this boxing match.”

With that intro out of the way, Eddie Hall got to work on breaking down the exercises that he will be doing. He explained that it is important to some sort of warm up before doing this type of shoulder workout to avoid hurting yourself. He also said that in a rush, you should only take about a minute to rest between sets. 

This is Eddie Hall’s 20 Minute Shoulder Workout:
  • Isolated Seated Dumbbell Press: 30kg/40kg/50kg/62.5kg/72.5kg/80kg for 8 reps (each arm)
  • Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises: 30kg/40kg for 10 reps
  • Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 30kg for 9 reps (3 sets)
  • Standing Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows: 30kg for 9 reps (3 sets)

Eddie Hall explains that this type of workout is good for a quick, muscle-building stimulation. He completes the workout in about 19 minutes, allowing him to get on his way for the rest of the day. This is not necessarily a long-term strategy to build your shoulders, but when you’re in a hurry it will certainly leaving you feeling pumped.

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