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You already know that diet and lifestyle play a massive role in staying healthy and preventing heart disease. But, did you know that the spices in your kitchen cabinet can both ramp up your overall health and help reverse and even prevent future heart issues?

It’s true. Many spices contain certain compounds that help lower “bad” cholesterol, clear out arteries, and provide an anti-inflammatory response in the body; all things needed for a healthy heart.

Certain spices increase blood flow, which is a vital key to living a healthier life; This is because your blood contains oxygen, proteins, enzymes, and nutrients that help heal and repair your body.

This is one of the reasons exercise is good for you; it increases much-needed blood flow and strengthens your muscles; including your heart muscle.

So, if you’re looking to spice it up in the kitchen while boosting your heart health, these spices are the first to add!

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Feast Mode Garlic Beer Spice

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SPICE: Garlic

BENEFITS: Reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels which may lower the risk of heart disease.

BEST USED ON: Steamed veggies, meat, fish, and potatoes, grains,

FUN FACT: Garlic was one of the first herbs to be cultivated and still grows in the wild in Italy and France.

SPICE IT UP: Garlic Beer – Feast Mode Flavors

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Feast Mode Death By Chocolate Cocoa Spice

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SPICE: Cocoa

BENEFITS: May reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by preventing the formation of blood clots which can lead to stroke or cardiac failure.

BEST USED ON/IN: Oatmeal, smoothies, coffee

FUN FACT: The cocoa tress stands 12-25 feet high and is located in tropical climates. The powder is made from roasted, husked, and dried cocoa beans which are fermented seeds of the cocoa tree.

SPICE IT UP: Death By Chocolate – Feast Mode Flavors

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Feast Mode Garden Veggie Black Pepper Spice

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SPICE: Black Pepper

BENEFITS: Helps regulate cholesterol, lowering chances of a possible stroke or heart attack, and boosts the absorption of certain nutrients. Pepper helps boost overall health.

BEST USED ON: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, grains

FUN FACT: Nicknames “The King of Spices”, black pepper comes from the dried, unripe fruit of the native Indian plant, Piper Nigrum.

SPICE IT UP: Garden Veggie – Feast Mode Flavors

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Feast Mode Cinnamon Honey Butter Spice

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SPICE: Cinnamon

BENEFITS: High in anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon reduces the “bad cholestero”l while allowing the good cholesterol to remain steady.

BEST USED ON/IN: Oatmeal, toast, coffee/tea

FUN FACT: There are two types of cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia and it is derived from the bark of Cinnamon trees.

SPICE IT UP:  Cinnamon Honey Butter – Feast Mode Flavors

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Feast Mode Indian Curry Spice

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SPICE: Curry

BENEFITS: The spices that make up curry are high in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and help ease chronic inflammation, which can lead to heart disease.

BEST USED ON/IN: Meat, fish, rice, soups, salad dressings, and sauces

FUN FACT: Curry powder is a mix of various dried spices: Curcumin, cumin, coriander, black pepper, chili pepper, and ginger. (And other spices depending on the brand) all of which help boost heart health.

SPICE IT UP: Indian Curry – Feast Mode Flavors

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Feast Mode Thai-Phoon ginger spice

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SPICE: Ginger

BENEFITS: Helps reduce the risk of blocked arteries, a common factor in heart attacks and heart disease.

BEST USED ON/IN: Meats, marinades, vegetables, soups

FUN FACT: You can grow the ginger roots found at your local grocery store — and they grow easily!

SPICE IT UP: Thai-Phoon – Feast Mode Flavors

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Feast Mode Cayenne Pepper Mix

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SPICE: Cayenne Pepper

BENEFITS: Helps prevent blood clots in your arteries and blood, clearing out the artery ways aiding in heart disease and heart attack prevention.

BEST USED ON: Meats, fish, grains, salads, grains

FUN FACT: Cayenne pepper is high in capsaicin, which is also an active ingredient in pepper spray.

SPICE IT UP: Texas Cajun – Feast Mode Flavors

For more heart-healthy, low sodium spices to add to your spice collection, go here: SHOP ALL FLAVORS – Feast Mode Flavors

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